9 Items to Clean & Sanitize in Your Home

A compiled list of items to clean and sanitize in your home right before guests come for the holidays. 

Thanksgiving is next week so most of us are frantically trying to clean our homes in preparation for guests.  Or maybe that is just me.

Anyway, I wanted to give my home a nice deep clean before my family arrived.  Our oldest daughter is just getting over a terrible cold.  So in addition to cleaning our house, I really want to sanitize it as well!

I thought I’d give the SteamMachine Elite from HomeRight a try for all of my cleaning needs.  It comes with multiple attachments so that you can clean and sanitize multiple surfaces.

9 Items to Clean and Sanitize in Your Home

#1 Furniture

Think of all of the time you spend on your furniture.  And how often do you clean it?  Probably not enough.  So go get to cleaning! 🙂

#2 Throw Pillows

Same as before, they are used very frequently.  Lots of heads lay on them, which means a

lot of germs are hoarding in and around those pillows. 

#3 Oven

Attach the brass bristle brush to your SteamMachine Elite and scrub away in your oven.  I’m not even joking when I say this took less than 10 minutes to scrub away all of the gunk.

#4 Mattress & Bed Linens

I read an article in Good Housekeeping that gave me a small panic attack.  Did you know you sleep with 1.5 dust mites every night?! 

Yeah…..go get to work and clean that bed!  I mean we do spend a ton of time in our beds during our lifetime!

#5 Rugs

You can vacuum a rug a million times but it never fully gets clean.  There is so much that lives within rugs and carpet.  Sanitize it away and feel better about laying down on the ground with your kiddos.

#6 Carpets

Now I love having hardwood floors in most of our main living areas.  Although, I love to have carpet in our bedrooms.  I like to wake up and not have cold feet when I step out of my bed.

Like beds, lots of carpets are filled with gross microorganisms.  Yuck!

#7 Drapes

I think drapes can get overlooked easily so don’t ignore those lonely drapes.  Get them clean!  The SteamMachine not only cleans them, but it also gets rid of wrinkles!  Bonus!

# 8 Toys

Children are basically human Petri dishes.  They are gross.  I love my daughters so much but they are walking germs.  That being said, clean their toys!  Especially after they are sick!

#9 Ottomans/Coffee Tables

Don’t forget that you can clean hard surfaces as well as fabric.  Now I know my ottoman is fabric but I can get around all areas of the ottoman with the steamer.

I think these 9 items are a great place to start.  I know it’s hard not to go crazy and clean your entire home but sometimes you need to pace yourself! 

There are so many other areas that you can clean and sanitize in your home.  Start here and then try something new next time!

This post is sponsored by my friends at HomeRight and contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Refashionably Late! 


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