Sharing guest room essentials that are must-haves in your guest bedroom.  Have your guests feel welcome and comfortable.  A great way to be a good host or hostess.

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That is why we have worked really hard at making our guest rooms comfortable and welcoming.  I have combined a few essential items that we use plus a few others.  All are affordable and easy to add to your guest room decor.

Guest Room Makeovers

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Here are 7 guest room essentials that we have in our guest rooms!

Guest Wifi Password

This one has proven to be a hit with our guests.  Getting passwords when at someone’s house can be a pain.  Some people don’t even have their password memorized.

This is a great way to keep the potential awkwardness at bay!  Let them feel like they are home!


Toiletries Jar for Guest Room

This right here is also a hit at our household.  When I pack for vacation I always tend to forget something.  Lots of time it’s some of my toiletries.

It would be so nice to not have to run to the store and grab a travel size shampoo and conditioner!  Plus it’s fun to see how many toiletry items you can collect while staying at a hotel to fill your jar!  🙂



Guest Welcome Basket

I absolutely love this idea!  It’s so nice to have a few treats, some towels and waters set out for you.  This helps your guests feel more at home.  They don’t have to come bugging you for a glass of water.

Other great things you can add are magazines, snacks, toothbrushes, slippers or whatever else you want to muster up!



Be Our Guest Pillow & Welcome Pillow

Why not make your guests feel welcome with a welcome sign in their room?!  Be Our Guest is a clever way to greet your guests.  I promise you they will be singing along to the song!

A traditional welcome is great too!  Just those tiny added touches add to your guests’ visit.

DIY Luggage Rack

I originally got this idea from the wonderful blog DIY Show Off.  I attempted to create my own version but the vision in my head just didn’t end up working out.

So, why not have a multi-purpose luggage rack for guests.  They can use it to store their suitcase or use it to sit down at and have a snack!  However they decide to use it, it will be useful.

Head on over to HomeRight for the full tutorial and I have to share with you one of my absolute favorite tools for painting!  I’m obsessed with my HomeRight Medium Spray Shelter.

It pops up quickly and it works perfectly for keeping overspray from going everywhere!  I set it up in my basement and painted this luggage rack with spray paint!

Or you can apparently use it for a photo shoot! 🙂

Welcome Sign

One small little touch that can make a big difference is a welcome sign.  Now we have already welcomed our guests with some pillows.

But, this is a great way to make them feel extra special.  Personalize a message on a letter board for your guests to read.  It’s sure to make them smile!

DIY Blanket Ladder

This is a truly genius idea!  With our little family of four, we always seem to get our towels mixed up.  Having this in a guest room would really help a family keep track of their own towels.

Plus you can also hang blankets on it for when they arrive.  Just in case they get cold…which frequently happens in Minnesota!

Aren’t all of these great?!  7 great ways to make your guests feel welcome and at home.  These guest room essentials are needed in every guest room! 

If they forget something, they can check in their room and it’s probably there!  Make your guests feel like they are staying at a hotel!

We like to call our house Chateau RuPaul!  It’s my name, Ruthie, combined with my husband’s name, Paul, and plus it’s the name of a famous drag queen!  What could be better?! 🙂



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  • We've never had a guest room either but now you are making me want to make one! I love all of these things! The Be Our Guest Pillow is too cute! Let me know when you get your guest room done so I can come visit ;)

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