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Is the Litter-Robot a Must-Have Cat Item?!

A few weeks ago I was soooooo excited because I got my hands on the Litter-Robot 3 Connect.  I’ve had cats most of my life and have used the traditional litter boxes with all of my cats.

We haven’t had any cats for 7 years and with the pandemic in full swing, we thought it was the right time to add a little furry friend into our family.  Also, neither of my daughters has ever had a pet.  Since we are working from home and doing distance learning we knew we could be available to tend to little kittens.

The plan wasn’t to adopt two kittens but I just couldn’t resist these two sisters.  I have always had a soft spot for Tuxedo kittens and when we found out that she had a sister…we had to get both!

These two cuties had just weened from their Mama but hadn’t been spayed so they weren’t ready to adopt.  We ended up doing a foster to adopt situation.

To start off we used a smaller traditional litter box as they were so tiny.  They were already litter trained when we got them so that was a relief. Although, we didn’t realize what was in store with these two cuties.

Fostering Dilemmas

We fell madly in love with these two sweet girls and we named them Rosie (Grey Tabby) and Millie (Tuxedo).  It was love at first sight.  We snuggled with them, played with them, and pet them constantly.

One day I did notice some loose stool with a touch of blood in it.  I called the rescue and we set up an appointment for the kittens to go to the vet. I dropped them off in the morning and didn’t hear back until right before close of business.

Turns out these poor kitties had two parasites, ear mites, and yeast infections.  Rosie was the runt of the litter and had the worst of it.  These ailments required a LOT of extra work on my part.

A lot of that work included giving multiple medications a few times a day, sanitizing everything properly, and keeping up with scooping the cat litter.  I scooped their litter box at least 2-3x a day.  With parasites, you need to make sure to clean everything properly so they don’t reinfect themselves.  Especially, when dealing with two kitties.

We finally got everything under control and the kitties were finally parasite free! After a month or so of scooping their litter box multiple times a day, I finally introduced the kitties to their new and improved litter box!  The Litter-Robot 3 Connect.  We call it their Spaceship!

Litter-Robot 3 Connect

This amazing fully connected, wifi-enabled Litter Box has been a Godsend.  I don’t think I’ve scooped a litter box as many times in my life as I have the past month or so!  Now, I don’t have to do it anymore!!

After I received the Litter-Robot 3 Connect in the mail I set it out so that my kitties could explore it.  There are some really great tips on how to acclimate your cat to their new litter box on their website.

I got it all set up on the app and ready to go for my girls to start using.  You can rename your Litter-Robot.  This is helpful if you have multiple Litter-Robots or have it in a specific room.  I currently have one and I’m thinking of getting another for upstairs.

Your phone becomes the remote for the litter box.  You can set it to do a clean cycle from the comfort of your couch!  Although, you don’t need to do it manually as it has a sensor that detects that a cat has gone in and done its business.  You can set the timer for 3, 7, or 15 minutes for it to activate after the cat has left the Litter-Robot.

You can track how many times your cats use it and then you get a handy notification sent to your phone when the carbon-filtered drawer is full.  It’s amazing how much is in the drawer when it’s full and you don’t smell a thing!

You can purchase a ramp for your Litter-Robot which I highly recommend for little cats.  I think it makes the box less intimidating and easier to access.  Plus it helps catch the litter when they leave the box!

I’m so happy with our Litter-Robot 3 Connect and would recommend it to anyone.  It’s definitely worth the investment and if you want to not have to scoop a litter box daily then it’s especially worth it!

You also save money on litter as you don’t have to change it as frequently.  Since it sifts through the litter multiple times a day it helps keep the litter fresh.

So is the Litter-Robot a must-have cat item?!  Yes, yes it is! 🙂 Plus, doesn’t it look nice with my home decor?!

Litter-Robot Coupon

I’m so excited because I have an awesome coupon for you to get your own Litter-Robot 3 Connect.  This will get you $25 off on your Litter-Robot purchase!  You can never beat a good discount!

This post is sponsored by my friends at Litter-Robot and contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Refashionably Late! 


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